"There may be a New Vessel filled with Aged Wine." - Pirkei Avos 4:21

Principles Magazine: About Us

Principles Magazine is a non-for-profit web publication featuring content based in large on the teachings of Chabad Chassidus. Our goal is to empower every Jew to live up to his or hers potential of redeeming himself from his personal exile and bringing redemption to the entire world!

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Principles Magazine online features content on a wide range of topics, including: 

Jewish Life

An authoritative section covering a wide range of though provoking and inspiring articles, essays and advice on Shalom Bayis (relationship), Chinuch (Jewish Education) Jewish Unity and Jewish Holidays – all from a deeper dimension.

World Events

As Jews who believe that events in the world are caused and monitored by the Almighty Creator, we offer coverage of different events transpiring in the world around us while trying to and recognize the hand of G-d behind what’s happening and learn lessons to be implemented in our life.

Questions and Answers

Asking is the only way to obtain knowledge; “a bashful person cannot learn.” We offer Q&A’s on various topics in Torah. Got Questions? – We don’t have all the answers, but we can look for them together in the Torah. Email your questions to Editor@PrinciplesMagazine.com. No topic is off the table!

Ultimate Goal

People don’t to things for no reason. It’s a nature that G-d placed into us to be purposeful. G-d too created the world for a reason: to reach an ultimate goal which will be fulfilled when Moshiach arrives. This section features content all about Moshiach, the ultimate Redemption, its imminence and ways to make happen sooner. All for the benefit of mankind!