Will there be an Anti-Magic Academy season 2 in 2021? Latest updates and information

Anti -Magic Academy was released in 2015. It has been six years since then. Fans are still waiting to know will there be a season 2 of Anti-magic Academy?

Will fans get another season? When will Anti-Magic Academy season 2 release? Any updates from the producer? We have every answer you need to know about it. So please keep reading.

Plot of Anti-Magic Academy Anime

The world is infested with magic users. Many of them are harmful to humanity. But there are warriors who protect the world from such harmful beings. The warriors are called Inquisitors. Anti-Magic Academy trains and teaches young kids to become Inquisitors.

The academy splits the students into small groups and trains them. Each team consists of four to five students.

Among the teams, there is a particular team called the 35th Test Platoon. The loser team of the academy. The academy also named them “Small Fry Platoon” because they have some incapable members.

Ootori Ouka, a former Inquisitor, joins the 35th test Platoon. Ouka is an amazing warrior but a rebel and rule breaker. She moves in her own way. Ouka has a twisted view of witches and has murdered a witch herself.

Ouka clashes with the team members. But the team needs to work together if they want to climb ranks in the academy. They have a lot of ways to move forward, make friends and fight together.

Will there be an Anti-Magic Academy season 2?

Will there be an Anti-Magic Academy season 2

There are few things to consider when discussing the new and upcoming seasons of anime.

  • Availability of source materials
  • Popularity of the series in social media platforms

These two factors are most important to determine the chance happenings of a new anime season.

1. Availability of source materials

The first thing that should be taken into account for a new anime season is the availability of the source material. Usually the source materials are printed published materials that act as the inspiration behind the creation of an anime.

The source materials are often light novel and manga series. Sure there are many original anime series without any printed material. But almost always there are source materials.

In the case of Anti-Magic Academy the source material is light novels.

Tai-Madō Gakuen 35 Shiken Shōtai or more famous as Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon is actually a light novel series written by Yanagimi Toki and illustrated by the artist Kippu.

It started publishing in 2012. Till 2016, there were a total thirteen light novels published.

A manga adaptation was done by manga artist Hanao Sutaro in 2015. But only two volumes of manga were published. In the same year a twelve episode long anime series was released under Silver Link production house.

Only the first few light novels were used for making the first season. The light novels stopped publishing after the thirteenth volume. We can expect that it has been discontinued or the series has ended.

It might be a limiting factor in some cases but not in the case of Anti-Magic Academy. The producers have more than enough source materials to make not only Anti-Magic Academy Season 2 but more than one anime season at this point.

2.Popularity of the series in social platforms

Anti-Magic Academy season 2

Another thing to consider while determining a new season is the popularity of the anime series among fans. We should check various social media platforms for that.

Regardless of the cliche harem genre the series was quite popular. Crunchyroll, one of the world’s largest anime and manga distributors, has forums for discussion about anime. Anti-Magic Academy season 1 has mostly positive reviews.

This is something Refreshing!” says one reviewer.
Cliched but with a Strong Foundation” says another.

It has been six years since season one has been released. And with time the popularity decreases considerably. The fans keep waiting without any confirmation and slowly leave the fandom. Anti-Magic Academy is an exception.

On MyAnimeList Anti-Magic Academy has a popularity rank of 617 with more than 250,000 members. For an anime that was released long ago, this is a surprisingly good rank.

Then is there any chance of an Anti-Magic Academy season 2 release Date?

Anti-Magic Academy season 2 release Date

This is difficult to say to be honest. Silver Link has not announced anything about a new series but they have not cancelled it either. But it has been six years. We can guess the answer is negative, However, if they do release a season 2 that will be a pleasant surprise.


Until we get any official information let’s consider the Anti-Magic Academy season 2 release is not happening. However, we will be the first to give you a fresh update if producers change their mind.

You can watch Anti-Magic Academy: 35th Test Platoon on Crunchyroll.

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