What can we see through these windows?

Did You Get “The Best Windows Ever”?

It’s four weeks since its launch and over 75M devices were upgraded to Windows 10 • It’s hightime for us too to upgrade the way we view ourselves, our world and our Divine duty

Like millions of Windows users around the world, I too saw a message from Microsoft Update popping up on the bottom right corner of my desktop: “Get Windows 10.” The message remained on my screen until I clicked “upgrade” and reserved the new operation system to be installed on my PC.

Reportedly, within four weeks since its launch over 75 million devices were upgraded to Windows 10.

What’s behind Microsoft’s aggressive campaign to get everyone on Windows 10? Why is it being offered free of charge and so easy to install?

No one suspects that Bill Gates and Microsoft just woke up one day with an ambition to make life easier for all the many Windows users with a brand new, bug free, easy to operate system.

And if you just happen to really love Windows XP, or Windows 7 or 8? – Too bad on you. You just got to live with the times.

Offering Windows 10 — “the best Windows ever” — free of charge is hardly an act of entrepreneurship as much as it is a shrewd, thought out business venture which, Microsoft hopes, will make back every last penny invested in developing the new system.

Here is the plan: Imagine you are quite comfortable with the good old Windows XP and just have no intention to upgrade to the fancy state-of-the-art Windows 10. So here’s some bad news for you: if you run into some issues with your operating system, soon Microsoft won’t have technicians to help you with it. Even do-it-yourself help info and online troubleshooting for the old systems is being discontinued and making way for help and support for newer, better technology.

And if you just happen to really love Windows XP, or Windows 7 or 8? – Too bad on you. You just got to live with the times. Perhaps you’ll be able to take your kids to a Microsoft museum and show them your favorite, antique computer.

Simply put, Microsoft is cutting out on expensive tech support for old systems by aggressively promoting the new Windows 10. Microsoft is attempting to manipulate the natural evolution process from older to newer technology which would usually take three or four years, to a drastically shorter few months. A scheme which would save billions of dollars on otherwise necessary tech support for late comers still stuck in the past.

What’s the Divine message we’re getting through the Windows 10 promotion campaign?

Since the principles of Judaism were initially ‘invented’ at Sinai, they haven’t changed and they never will, just like the principles of computing have remained the same since they were first introduced. Just the operating systems have changed and adapted over time due to faster and better technology.

There are two major ‘operating systems’ in Judaism, and they both help us out of our spiritual ‘exile’:

The ‘old school’ turns to a Jew who is struggling to choose right from wrong. The Torah reaches out to him and offers support to make proper decisions, either by portraying the abundant reward or the bitter punishment –in this world and in the next — that his decisions will lead him too.

Signs predicted by the sages to signal the turning point in history from exile to redemption have unfolded before our eyes.  To us they signal a new phase in how we should serve G-d.

Incentives like reward and punishment are necessary for someone who is predominated with a struggle as such. Someone who has no drive to make mistakes needs no incentives to do what’s right. “He loves the truth for it is true.” (Rambam, Laws of Teshuvah 10:3)

The ‘new age’ operating system reaches out to a Jew who appreciates doing what’s right because it’s right. Despite the fact that he still feels the ‘old’ struggle, what can better assist him in that very struggle, is to know that his actions are part of a master plan to make the entire world a place where Divine meaning prevails.

Our world in the past was one in which the ‘old’ operation system worked better. This was because the reality of the world was such in which evil usually prevailed. But ultimately good must prevail and that’s what’s happening now.

Signs predicted by the sages to signal the turning point in history from exile to redemption have begun to unfold before our eyes.  To us they signal a new phase in how we should serve G-d.

The world we live in today requires of us to quickly upgrade from the old frame of mind in which the world was viewed as an adversary to G-d, to a frame of mind in which the world is gradually becoming what it was meant to be from its inception: a place G-d can call home.

Moshiach will come soon and the old system will be officially outdated and unsupported. And good for you: the vista we see through the old windows — a struggle between good and evil — will change and portray an everlasting struggle between good and better.

Maybe it’s hard; changes are never easy, but we’ve got to live with the times. There is an amazing new world emerging: one in which we can see, smell and touch G-dliness with no passwords to remember.

G-d is launching an aggressive campaign: start living with your head in the future; look through “the best windows ever!”

And one more important message: if you get it now, it’s free!


This thought is based upon teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that can be read here (in part 4).