President Barack Obama and President Donald J. Trump meet in the White House the morning after the stunning election results were in

The Black Messiah, the White Messiah and the Forgotten Donkey

The Messiah will fix humanity, the president of the most powerful nation in the world has a significant role in keeping the world in shape until he comes. Let’s not mix up the two.

[T]o be honest, I did have a favored candidate in this last election, and I give it away by saying that I voted for him.

However the jubilation in the air of the supporting circles was overly exaggerated to my taste. The winners fell into the same trap the
camp of the losers fell into.

We support political candidates and we hope and pray that they do good things with the power the voters give them. What we should not do is trust them blindly; only G-d Himself deserves blind faith, since only He never errs.

Eight years ago a president of a different ethnicity was elected, and a large part of the country was elated and rejoiced. It went as far as some of his supporters using the term “messiah” to describe what the arrival of the first African-American President on the political scene felt like to them.

Now I do acknowledge that the vast majority of those supporters didn’t mean it literally, but you can learn a great deal about a person’s beliefs and feelings from the manner of
his exaggerations.

Now that the black “messiah’s” term in office is over and portions of his legacy too are out the door, still many of his supporters were not able to come to terms with the fact that perhaps their messiah didn’t have the mandate after all. Maybe he was a mess, but certainly not a messiah…

Like all false messiahs of the past, he held on to a solid base of resolute believers; maybe he even hopes to have a second coming as secretary- general of the UN. But the message of redemption and social “justice” he preached to the masses and even his charisma weren’t strong enough to even give him the pleasure of installing a successor to his liking.

The radical left’s impeachment efforts are not at all surprising if you realize that they behave as believers, not political supporters. Ironically, this one aspect of Obama’s legacy—atributing messiah-like powers to a president—continued with the next president, one who is claimed by his supporters to be the diametrical opposite of his predecessor:

In the beginning it sounded like this: “So now that we have a president who is a Republican and not politically–correct, jobs and financial security will be restored to our country” many people seemed to believe. “Now that we got rid of the liberal- leftist agenda, we in the US and our friends or brothers in Israel can rest assured that activities to secure= ourselves from actual and potential terror will be much easier” said others.

Trump loyalists and supporters spoke as if the election results alone determined the outcome of the next four years. Now, months into the Presidency, the political reality of Washington DC made it back to the scene to show that things take the time they take. No, the presidentisn’t a superman.

But the president continues to suffer from his base of supporters who view him as a messiah, just the way his predecessor was viewed. This, not the “fake news,” may be the one greatest hindrance to getting his agenda carried out:

The “Russian thing” Mr. Trump is dealing with is a mess he didn’t start, but he certainly contributed to it with a series of less than smart moves (and tweets…) To his bad luck, him and his believers fail to acknowledge that, and blame the “fake news” enterprise and the officials of Obama’s “deep state.” While that has some truth to it, the President is not a perfect man who never errs and his reactions do deepen his troubles.

Perhaps if he would have more supporters and less believers he wouldn’t have to dance the “fake news” tunes.

If there is one thing we can learn from the story of Mr. Obama, it is that the messiah won’t come from the White House. Not only because President Trump got wet and muddy while “draining the
swamp;” even if he turns out to be the best president the United States has ever had, he’s still only a president, not a Messiah.

The Messiah will fix humanity, the President of the United States—as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world—has a significant role in keeping the world in shape until he comes.

Moshiach is described in the scriptures as a pauper to arrive riding a donkey, but an alternative description tells of him arriving on heavenly clouds in great honor and grandeur.

These descriptions are allegorical in nature; they tell of two backdrops in front of which Moshiach will arrive. Either a spiritually “poor” one – a materialistic world so devoid of meaning which Moshiach will have to repair, symbolized by a donkey (חמור)  also meaning materialism in Hebrew (חומר). Or a spiritually “wealthy” atmosphere to which his contribution will be just enhancement and upgrading symbolized by heavenly clouds.

Clouds generically come in white, when they gather too much rain they turn grey. Our spiritual life too may not always be altruistic, but after we drop the baggage, it becomes a bright, clear white again.

A popular legend tells of Moshiach coming on a white donkey. White is a pure color. The legend is baseless but perhaps it points to a deep desire many people have: to indulge in materialism and stay clean at the same time. It’s nice for a fairy tale, but doesn’t hold water in reality.

All of us, especially the president of the United States, have a role to play in determining which kind of world Moshiach will arrive in.

The state of the world is the vehicle upon which Moshiach will ride into town. The question we must constantly ask ourselves is, “Am I a donkey to Moshiach, or a glorious cloud?”