Cat Planet Cuties season 2: Release Date Best Information 2021 Update

I wish I could start the article with the famous Titanic meme. “It’s been 84 years.” Well, that would be an exaggeration, but it has been a decade. I’m serious! 2021 marks 10 years of the release of Cat Planet Cuties anime season 1.

And fans are anxious, worried, and upset. When will they announce Cat Planet Cuties Season 2 release date?

Cat Planet Cuties season 2 Release Date


Kakazu Kio is a good-natured young man living a peaceful life. But it changes when he meets a beautiful girl who has catlike ears on top of her head.

The girl calls herself Eris and is an alien from planet Catian. She has come to the earth to know more about the planet earth. 

Kio’s life turns brighter as Eris starts living with him. But he does not know that evil lies in every step he takes. Secret organizations are ready to kidnap Eris and use her in their own diabolical plans.

Now it is Kio’s duty to protect Eris from all kinds of harm.

Will there be a Cat Planet Cuties season 2?

Will there be a Cat Planet Cuties season 2

To know that, we have to consider some essential factors.

  1. Is there enough source material?
  2. Is the Cat Planet Cuties season 1 was popular enough?
  3. How was the sales and profit margin of the anime series?

Are there enough source materials?

Are there enough source materials for Cat Planet Cuties season 2

Cat Planet Cuties or Asobi ni Iku Yo is actually a series of light novels. The series is written by Kamino Okina and illustrated by the artist Nishieda and Hoden Eizo. The light novel series started publishing in 2003. Till February 2015, the light novel series has posted a total of twenty volumes.

The manga adaptation started in 2006. The anime adaptation consisting of thirteen episodes was aired in 2011 (twelve episodes and one OVA).

The anime season 1 covers the first 4 light novels. The ending is adapted from the light novel issue number six. However, in some episodes, there is a lot of original animation as well. 

So technically, the animators have a lot of source material that can be used for making more than Cat Planet Cuties season 2.

The light novel series has ended for sure, but the remaining material is more than enough.

Is the Cat Planet Cuties season 1 was popular enough?

Is the Cat Planet Cuties season 1 was popular enough_

This question has mixed reactions. Some people love it. Some don’t. Overall the anime season 1 was average in appeal. 

This review in the MyAnimeList review section said, 

“Jeez…I kind of wish I didn’t even watch this anime, to begin with. Maybe I’m just being harsh, but there wasn’t something great about this. It was such a let-down. Something really promising at first and very quickly dropped as soon as you start.”

A fan in the Cat Planet Cuties Wiki comments,

“they need to make more of this”

Most fans favor the artwork. The popularity rank of Cat Planet Cuties on My Anime List is 936 with some164,000 people.

How was the sales and profit margin of the anime series?

The enormous earn an anime series gets is by selling Blue-Ray collectible DVDs. And anime series is often to push sale for the resource material as well. The sales were not that impressive.

Cat Planet Cuties is an anime of cliche ecchi, harem comedy genre. The plot was not that well developed. Characters were as cliche as it can get for this type of anime. The only plus point was the artwork. The art of this anime is exquisite. But the lack of a good plot can make or break your story, and the is what happened with this anime.

So, What is the expectation regarding the Cat Planet Cuties season 2 release date?

What is the expectation regarding the Cat Planet Cuties season 2 release date

We did not receive any news regarding the making of Cat Planet Cuties season 2. They did not release any information about canceling it either. So there is a slim possibility, minimal, for Cat Planet Cuties second season. 

However, it has been ten years. It is too long to wait for a second season. But it is not true that there has not been any anime that waited for a long time before getting another season.

Inuyasha is a glaring example. Inuyasha started airing in 2000. The second and final season began in 2009. 

Let’s not lose hope, people!

Anime cast and team members

  • Kakazu Kio voiced by Tamura Mutsumi
  • Eris, voiced by Itou Kanae
  • Futaba Aoi, voiced by Hanazawa Kana
  • Kinjou Minami voiced by Tomatsu Haruka
  • Kuune voiced by Inoue Kikuko


There is no official statement regarding the Cat Planet Cuties season 2 release date. As soon as the producers reveal anything, we will be the first to let you know. Until then, you can watch Cat Planet Cuties season 1 on Funimation.

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