Will there be a Dance with Devils season 2?: UPDATED Information 2021

Five years! Waiting for someone that long without any indication that they will come back is so difficult, is not it?

Then just imagine how Dance with Devils fans are feeling right now. After five years of waiting, the fanbase is anxious and worried. Have the producers cancelled it? Will there be a Dance with Devils season 2?

I know you are here because you want to know the answer to the same. So without further ado, read along.

Plot of Dance with Devils

Dance with Devils season 2

Tachibana Ritsuka has always been a diligent student. So when the student council summons her for being a troublemaker she is baffled. The student council operated by four handsome young man starts to interrogate Ritsuka about various things. While anxious at first. Ritsuka understands that the men have some ulterior motives.

Ritsuka finds herself in deep trouble when her mother is kidnapped. She discovers that the men in the student council are demons and vampires. Ritsuka possesses a powerful thing called Grimoire that is coveted by both vampires and demons.

Ritsuka does not know whom to trust in this situation. However, she and the student council president might be falling in love.

Will there be a Dance with Devils season 2?

Will there be a Dance with Devils season 2

Usually, there are some important factors that determine another season of an anime. Availability of the source material is one of them. The source material is often the printed and published version of the anime. Light novels and manga are considered to be the most common source materials for anime.

But there are exceptions. There are some anime out there that does not have any printed source material available. Remember Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Season 2? That totally is not in the printed manga. Some might start as an original anime but then will have a manga to match up with.

Sounds like an anomaly right? Well, it is. Often the later publication of the manga is to sell the franchise product more. Also, they do it because Japan really loves to collect manga series. That is one of the most important income sources for the franchise.

Dance with Devils is such an anime that was original at first. But then an original manga started to get serially published. The time difference between the manga publication and anime is really small.

Dance with Devils anime started airing in October 2015 while the manga published for the first time in September 2015.

Twelve episodes of the anime season ran from October 2015 to December 2015. An anime film released in 2017.

After that nothing more.

So, no Dance with Devils season 2 release date?

Dance with Devils season 2 release date

The producer Brain’s Base Co., Ltd has gone quiet just after season one. And to think of it there is only one volume of the manga that was published. The manga was both written and illustrated by Natsu Samako.

Dance with Devils is a pretty popular anime. The reverse harem genre with beautiful artwork and romance comedy stole fans’ hearts with its release. Famous voice actors like Saitou Souma, Kimura Subaru and Hirakawa Daisuke were on the cast list. Regardless of the reverse harem genre, the plot was quite interesting.

The show is absolutely fantastic and worth watching. It is really a good anime.

A series of anime musicals started in 2016. There are many positive reviews in MyAnimeList. Even though the popularity rank is much lower (1493 on MyAnimeList) but one has to remember that it was released back in 2015. So the popularity rank is bound to get down.

It is really astonishing that the producers did not announce any information regarding the Dance with Devils season 2 release date. The anime has been quite popular. 

There was a rumour of releasing some OVA episodes but that too did not happen.


With everything pointing towards negative sides, we don’t have many hopes of getting a second season. But the thing is the producers did not say anything about cancelling the show either. 

The show has a good fanbase still now. If fans can try more petitions and pressure the franchise they might give in to the demands.

As soon as we get any more information regarding the Dance with Devils season 2 release we will the first to give you the news. So stay tuned. Follow our website as that is the fastest way to get information on your favourite anime series.

In the meantime, you can watch Dance with Devils on Funimation. The show is available in both English subtitles and English dub.

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