Death Note season 2 Release Date

I know that you love anime, and that is why you are here. For those who are new, let me tell you that the Death Note falls under the category of thriller and fantasy.

So if you like anime in this category but you have not watched the Death Note.  I would recommend you watch this.

I have liked Death Note since I was young. In fact, Death Note was one of the first anime that I watched online. Although it has been years, I still cannot get over Death Note.

The anime death note is a Japanese Psychological thriller. It consists of a lot of supernatural crime twists. It produced by a big production house named Madhouse.

It based on the manga series with the same title. The writer of this is Tsugumi Ohha, while the illustrator of this is Takeshi Obata.

In 2006 the anime version of Death note was created, which gained popularity all across the world.

You can understand the popularity of death note by knowing that 3 movies, 2 video game series.

There is a tv series as well based on a death note that Netflix adapted.

In the end, it does not matter how many copies made. The original death note will always be authentic.

Well, that all was the introduction, but now I am going to tell you more about Death Note season 2 Release Date.

It has been a long time since season one of Death Note, more than 10 years to be more accurate.

The production house madhouse is being silent about season 2 of death note. However, they have made two movies and have also made two video games.

When will Death note season 2 release date?

Death Note season 2 Release Date

No official announcements have been made related to death note season two. There are some rumours about the death note season two.

According to which we will see a new set of characters along with some known characters.

What is taking so long for death note season two?

If you have seen the death note season one, then you must remember how hard it was for us to get over the trauma and plot twists.

Things were always so unexpected in this anime that we felt like living the life of Light Yagami or Kira.

By this time, you must be having this thought in your brain that even though everything in this anime was great.

And people enjoyed it a lot, then what stopped the makers from making another season of it?

Let me explain;

As we all know, most anime based on manga plays a massive role in providing the story. So the manga on which death note based has 12 volumes.

The makers of death note adapted all of them, making it clear why it’s taking too long?

Please don’t feel sad this soon because I have a piece of good news for you. The manga will start sterilization in 2020.

This time has a whole new story of death note which at least I expect to be adapted.

Death note season two cast

By this time, you must be taking an interest in season two of Death note.

I don’t go too fast here because we all should take an interest in season 1 of every anime.

Here I will first introduce you to a bit about the characters in season 1 of Death note.

If some readers have not seen the death note in season one, they can still enjoy season 2 of this anime.

In season one of death note, these were the main characters

  • Light Yagami

Light Yagami was one of the main characters of this anime. He was the character that every anime has and holds a lot of value.

Can you guess what his role in anime was?

You might be thinking he is a hero, but he is guessing, and while watching the anime, at first, you will feel like he is the hero and will live in his point of view for a while.

  • L

His character is similar to Light Yagami’s character. You will have similar vibes for him as well, but later as you will pass some more episodes by watching him,

Then you will realise that he is not what you thought he is?

Any guess? Villain?

Nah, he is not, and as I said, you will get similar vibes which means while watching him, you will feel like he is a villain. He should not do that.

After many episodes, you will realize that he is the hero, and he should do the things he is doing.

  • Ryuk

RyukThe whole story of death note season one was an intentional mistake.

I would say action taken by this character. When you will be done watching the anime, and will be peaceful.

Think about it, and then you will find out that the whole thing would not have happened without him.

Now since I have made you understand the main characters of death note season one. So now it is time for the characters you will see in the death note season 2.

I will not explain much because I do not want to spoil the upcoming anime to keep you interested.

death note season 2 anime release date
  • Misa Amane
  • L
  • Ryuk
  • Light Yagami
  • Near
  • Mello
  • Teru Mikami

Although these are the characters which you will see in the manga. When it was adapted to be a movie, some new characters included, such as :

  • Ryotoro Sakajo
  • Sanami
  • Shiori Akino

As I have told you already that the death note season 2 will have a new story. This will include some old characters.

Some new characters will be introduced in season two of Death note. So be ready for some other new characters in death note season two.

What can be the plot of death note season two?

will there be a season 2 of death note anime

By this time, you must be expecting it to be somewhat similar to the death note season one. Which was a fantastic crime thriller.

Season one of death note was more like a complete package in itself. It had a start and an ending which was quite acceptable by the people.

In season one of Death Note, the protagonist is named Light Yagami. He was quite a lot of perfectionists, but still, he lost to his rival.

This all happened at the time when Light Yagami was considering himself to be the god of this new world.

He was not only lost to his rival, but he also died.

By seeing till his Death, the story of this anime might look complete.

We should not forget that this show has a history of sudden twists in season one monitored by cameras.

But still, being able to kill the criminals without being suspected was a surprise too.

Not only that when character L arrested him based on his observation.

He lost his memory, and getting it back once the police left him was a surprise too. 

Even though he is dead, I am still expecting him to come back as he came back in the last seasons quite a lot of times.

He was considering that Ryuk dearly wrote his name in his death note.

It is also possible that the new death note season gets new Sinigamis. This will keep the death note interesting.

So apart from Ryuk, Minoru Tanaka may return as the antagonist to Light Yagami. 

At the end of the day, these are just the expectations of mince because. The production house Madhouse has not said anything.

So until the time, Madhouse speaks about making season 2 of death note. All things I write about death notes will be considered just the prediction.

There is some news as well that Netflix might take out season two of Death Note.

Considering how they messed up season one? I will not recommend you anything about Netflix though. I have no issues with Netflix. Netflix was not good on my expectations.

What can be the story of Death note season 2?

What can be the story of Death note season 2

By this time, I am pretty sure that you are quite a lot interested in the story. The story of this anime was released more than 10 years ago.

If this is the case, then I will give you some key points to find it out.

In the story of death note, there is a smart high school student whose name is Light Yagami. He is more like the Mr Perfect king of guys.

He plays sports perfectly. He is good at studies, he is fit and has a good shape, and most importantly, he is the son of the police commissioner.

Since he has everything easy in his life and is perfect in nearly everything, he looks at others. He finds imperfections in them and is bored from his life.

On the other hand, there is Ryuk. He is a Shinigami; Shinigami are the ones who have the responsibility to write deaths.

Death of humans who live on earth. Other than doing this life of Shinigami is boring; all they do is sitting.

They look at the activities humans do on earth. Ryuk is bored. He observed the light Yagami for a long time, so he intentionally threw his Death note to earth.

Just in case if you do not know, the death note is the book in which Shinigami writes the name and way of death. Ryuk did it intentionally because he wanted to have some adventure.

He wanted Light Yagami to pick it up, and that is what happened. At First Light, Yagami thinks it’s just a joke, but then he tests it and finds out the truth.

He was getting so much power in his hands. He starts to consider himself a god. He decides to create a perfect world. He goes out of control and starts killing criminals.

As time passes, police begin to notice these deaths. The police appoint detective L to investigate them.

Then starts the real fun because L gives a tough Challenge to Light Yagami.

See now you know about all the things going on and fans, so you should go and watch the season and finish it as soon as you can. 

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