Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

One thing is certain, Dragon Ball Z remains to be on the top of the most popular anime lists for decades at this point.

If you are a dedicated fan, then I am sure you have been tuned into the newest installment of the show.

Dragon Ball Super is the new chapter of Akira Toriyama’s globally known series. First airing in 2015 there have been several arcs already with the last arc ending in 2019.

Waiting over a year for the new season has a lot of you finding ways to fill the time.

There are other anime to watch but Dragon Ball has been the tried and true heavyweight for as long as some of us have been alive.

The studio has not put out an official Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date for the new season meaning we do not know exactly when we will have a continuation.

Although, there is still a lot of information to take in so you can be well-informed when the hiatus is up.

Detailes of Dragon Ball Super Season 1

With 5 arcs that collectively have 131 episodes, Dragon Ball Super has been on the air for about 3 years and gave us a pretty smooth flow of content.

I am sure you want to get ahead to the theories for the second season, but first, let’s recap what has happened before the hiatus.

The series starts with Earth entering a time of peace after Goku defeats Majin Buu at the end of the last series.

The ultimate fighter kicks off his days of peace by being forced to work a farm by his wife Chi-Chi.

Even with that taking up his time, Goku can enjoy a quiet life with his friends and family.

That is until the God of Destruction Beerus, a cat-like god known as the second strongest being in Universe Seven, awakens from his slumber intending to fight a legendary fighter from prophecy, the Super Saiyan God.

This prompts Beerus and his angel assistant Whis to threaten the Earth that Goku and his friends swear to protect.

After a tough battle that proves how strong the God of Destruction really is, Goku transforms himself into the legendary Super Saiyan God using the power from his fellow Super Saiyans like Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, and even Videl’s unborn child Pan.

Despite utilizing this ultimate power, Goku still loses the fight to Beerus. The god decides to spare the planet after seeing Goku’s potential for great power and later is taken back to his home tired from the battle.

Goku and Vegeta follow Beerus back to his planet to train for a year. They hope to master the new technique of the Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

Meanwhile, a small fraction of Frieza’s army from the last series come to Earth to find the dragon balls.

Using them, the army successfully revives their leader Frieza, who humbles himself and sees the need to train once learning that Goku has survived a battle with Majin Buu and Beerus.

Frieza was warned himself by his father that those two beings were never to be trifled with.

Once he is satisfied with his training, Frieza brings an army to Earth putting it once again in danger of being destroyed.

Our two main heroes return and with their newfound power, work together to stop Frieza.

Before the final blow can be taken Frieza subsequently blows up the planet in a suicide attack, he was unable to accept defeat.

It is only thanks to Whis and their power to reverse time that Goku can go back and put down Frieza.

Once that battle concludes there is the beginning of a tournament held between Beerus and his bother God of Destruction Champa.

This tournament showcased the best fighters from their universes Seven and Six respectfully.

The prize for the winner is the Super Dragon Balls which are the size of planets and have unlimited wishing potential.

Champa wants to use the power of the prize to swap his Earth for the planet all of our heroes live in!

Each battle presents amazing abilities but it is our team from Universe Seven that is victorious.

Beerus secretly restores his brother’s Earth helping it recover from nuclear destruction.

Goju Befriend the Omni-king of all 12 universes named Zeno who is looking for a playmate.

Future Trunks then arrives sharing the bad news that a Supreme Kai from Universe Ten called Zamasu has taken over Goku’s body to obtain immortality and destroy others that are not like him.

Zamasu is wiped from existence in an alternate reality by Future Lord Zeno who is brought to the Present Lord Zeno as his new playmate.

Whis goes into the suture to prevent Zamasu from rising to power and challenging the universes again.

The now chummy incarnation of Lord Zeno introduces another Tournament of Power that puts the fate of Earth in the balance once again.

This one contains all of our favorite heroes from Universe Seven’s Earth going against great fighters through the multiverse.

With the help of his Ultra Instinct and Frieza, Goku can put down the last challenger.

This leaves Android 17 as the winner and the Super Dragon Balls grant his one wish of restoring all of the erased universes from the tournament.

Frieza and his army go off in search of the Dragon Balls once again and in their travels, they encounter a young man named Broly and his father Paragus.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

The latter holds a grudge against Vegeta because his father had exiled Broly before the destruction of the Saiyan Homeworld.

Broly shows to be a very capable fighter, pushing Goku to suggest that he and Vegeta fuse into “Gogeta”.

Right before this overpowered fusion can kill Broly, the young man is evacuated back to the planet he was found on by two of Frieza’s henchmen. Frieza swears his revenge as he escapes Earth.

Finally, Goku, Vegeta, and the old enemy Majin Buu are called in by the Galactic patrol to help stop a villain named Moro on the planet New Namek.

They are unfortunately unable to stop him from using the Dragon Balls on New Namek to wish his pull magical power back and free all of the prisoners under the Galactic Patrol.

Vegeta and Goku train to level themselves up while the convicts are on a murderous rampage through the universe.

When they finally set their power upon Earth, it is up to some of its defenders to hold out until our two main heroes can appear.

Goku, now able to channel Ultra Instinct at will, neats the villain Moro to the brink of death, but Moro fuses with the actual Planet threatening to take out the whole Northern Galaxy if he is defeated.

Utilizing Vegeta’s new power Goku finds a weak spot and ends Moro before he can detonate.r

What Can You Expect From Season 2 at Release Date?

Now that was a lot to take in from the first season. We saw many of our favorite fights leveling up their powers to take on stronger and strong enemies.

The introduction of Beerus, Lord Zeno, and the multiverse gives us the possibilities of countless monsters and villains that look to destroy the Earth.

There are some loose ends from the first season like Vegeta making his way to Planet Sandal and the past destruction of the gods.

It is rumored that the second season will follow a different script, so it is not possible to know what exactly might happen in the upcoming episodes.

Even the manga has decided to go with a different storyline than the anime making it a mystery of what we can really expect from the show.

Why did Dragon Ball Super go on Hiatus?

Some of you eagerly waiting for any kind of an announcement for the new season are possibly wondering what could be taking the studio so long!

There are several theories on why the hiatus has been so long from dedicated fans on the internet.

Dragon Ball Super is produced by TOEI animation who had their crew busy with other projects like the One Piece: Stampede movie and getting the English dub out for America.

Studios with many popular series usually can bite off more than they can chew which can put some of our favorites on the back burner while they focus on more pressing content.

Within the hiatus, we did get a continuation of the Broly confrontation in a movie. This movie gave us more information on the Super Saiyans and why exactly Broly was exiled by King Vegeta.

You do not have to worry about never seeing a second season, it is assured that the studio will put out episodes when they are ready. We just have to sit tight for that announcement.

The Cast and Crew Dragon Ball Super Season 2

There are a lot of artists and technical personnel that put their work into this anime.

There have been different directors and producers throughout the series probably switching off with every arc.

If you are interested in knowing all of them, take a glance on the internet to know all of whom brought you Dragon Ball Super.

We can talk about some of the cast that brings out favorite heroes to life.

  • Goku is voiced by Masako Nozawa in the Japanese sub and Colleen Clinkenbeard in the English dub.
  • Vegeta is voiced by Ryo Horikawa in the Japanese sub and Christopher Sabat in the English dub.
  • Beerus is voiced by Kouichi Yamadera in the Japanese sub and Jason Douglas in the English dub.
  • Frieza is voiced by Ryusei Nakano for the Japanese sub and Christopher Ayree for the English dub.

we can assume that these will be the voice actors that will return with the new series.

There is always a possibility of new talent if we are introduced to new characters.

Where Can You Watch Dragon Ball Super?

Episodes of Dragon Ball Super can be seen on the usual anime watching platforms Crunchyroll and Funimation.

They are also available to those of you with a Hulu or Youtube TV subscription. All episodes of the first season are available on all platforms and have the option to watch subbed or dubbed.


In conclusion, we were given a lot of good fights and storylines in the first season of Dragon Ball Super.

Although there has been no formal announcement from the studio or staff, we can rest assured that there will be a second season for us to get into.

In the meantime, we can always rewatch the old episodes to come up with even more theories as to what awaits us in the new season.

The manga may be different from the anime plot to a degree, but it is a good option to read up in case there is other canon information that can be added to our theories. We hope that something concrete will be released sooner rather than later.

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