When will we get the Future Diary season 2 release date? [UPDATED 2021]

When Future Diary released, it created a cult of a fanbase. It was one of a kind anime, had such a great plot people sucked in.

Now after so many years, fans are still waiting. When will we get the Future Diary season 2 release date? Is there any information? What is happening with this fan favourite anime?

Let us get down to everything we know about the Future Diary season 2 release date.

Plot of Future Diary Anime

When will we get the Future Diary season 2 release date

14 years old Amano Yukiteru is a self-proclaimed loner. He does not have many friends. He is not interested in any kind of sports. Yukiteru’s only friend is his cellphone and two imaginary friends named Mur Mur and Deus ex Machina. But the twist is none of them is imaginary in reality.

Deus ex Machina is the god of space and time and Mur Mur is the god’s servant. Deus ex Machina gives Yuki a dairy. Yuki is suddenly thrown into a bloody battle with eleven more people who also have a copy of that diary Deus gave him.

Now all of them have to kill each other until only one stands lone survivor. The lone survivor will be the successor of Deus ex Machina as the God of space and time.

Horrified and reluctant Yukiteru has to join the scheme. A girl from his school approaches him for being partners. Yuki likes the girl Yuno Gasai at first glance. She’s cute, worships Yukiteru and ready to help him by any means.

But Yuno Gasai has another side of her. She is a psychopathic killer and wants Yukiteru to be hers even if she has to destroy everything.

Will there be Future Diary season 2?

Will there be Future Diary season 2

To determine the possibility of another anime season we have to check some factors.

  • Availability of the source materials
  • The popularity of the anime series on social media platforms

1. Availability of the source materials

The most important factor for getting another season is the availability of the source materials. The source material is often the printed manga and/or light novel series.

In case of Future Diary, it is manga series. Mirai Nikki or Future Diary is originally a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by manga artist Esuno Sakae.

The series started publishing in 2006 in monthly Shonen Ace magazine by Kadokawa Shoten publishing House.

The anime followed suit in the latter half of 2011. A 26 episode long anime series with an OVA episode was produced by Asread studio. The anime aired till April 2012.

The eleventh volume of the manga was published in 2010. The manga artist had created three more side story mangas. They are Future Diary: Mosaic, Future Diary: Paradox and Future Diary: Redial.

Each of them clearing doubts and questions from the main manga series and the last one providing the epilogue. Thus the series ended totally in 2013.

Even though all 26 volumes of the manga were not used up in the making of anime series. The anime gave all the answers in the OVA episode. The OVA was named the same name as the epilogue manga side story.

So, the series in anime as well can be considered almost complete. And that is a bummer because this can hit the nail in the coffin to get a Future diary season 2 release date.

2. Popularity in the social media platforms

The Future Diary is a freaking popular show. Even after nearly a decade of the release, the popularity has not reduced. On MyAnimeList the popularity rank of the anime is 22 with more than 1,610,000 members. Any anime that ranks in the top 10 of MyAnimeList is very popular.

But in the case of reviews, they are mixed. Some fans have rated 3 and 4, some has given the anime a strong 9.

Future Diary is a horror psychopath anime somewhat like Death Note. The difference is in the case of Death Note the plot has some semblance. In Future Diary, sometimes we don’t even know what is happening and why.

It is an anime you will either like or hate. Nonetheless, it still bears the hype.

So then there are some possibilities to get Future Diary season 2?

So then there are some possibilities to get Future Diary season 2

A decade has been passed. The anime has all the answers. The manga is finished and there is no need to sell the source material. The chance to get Future Diary season 2 is very unlikely. If only due to the popularity Asread decides to make a season, but not very soon. Maybe in 2022 or 2023.


There are no official statements from the producers. But if they release any info we will be the first to let you know. You can watch Future Diary on Crunchyroll.

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