Will there be a Gabriel Dropout Season 2 anime? Updated Information 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Gabriel Dropout Season 2 anime_ Updated Information 2021_ Everything You Need to Know

The magical girl trope is a much too used trope in Japanese light novels, manga, and anime. Almost all such manga/anime has a main character who is the protector of the world, and she has her bunch of friends and a fair share of enemies. She often wields a magic wand or a weapon to fight against adversaries.

But suppose you see the protectors of the world. In that case, divine beings are fallen prey to human leisures, and evil beings have forgotten their evil roles and have to help the divine beings instead. That is something you would remember, right?

Gabriel Dropout is such a hilarious anime where angels are lazy, devils are workaholics, and everything is just tumbled down. After Season one has charmed the fans with the pure comedy, now they are asking Will there be a Gabriel Dropout Season 2 anime Release Date?

When will Gabriel Dropout Season 2 release?

The Plot of Gabriel Dropout

From time immemorial, divine beings angels watch over humans. Young angels come to the earth, live among humans in disguise, and study human behavior. Then they go to heaven to shoulder their full-time angel duties.

Gabriel White Tenma is a young angel prodigy. She was the best student in the class. Everyone thought that after completing her studies, she would become a very important angel in heaven. But that future seems to be a little bleak right now. 

The top student angel is now a video game addict lazy bum. A self-proclaimed fallen angel, Gabriel White Tenma, misses her duties. The balance goes downhill so much that even devils are annoyed with the idea.

Gabriel’s demon friend Vignette April Tsukinose has enough and tries her best to set Gabriel on the right path. But to no avail. Vignet has to do Gabriel’s work for her. 

In their normal days, they meet two eccentric creatures. Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha is an angel and Gabriel’s past classmate. For an angel, she’s a bit of a sadist. Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa is a demon who wants to rule the underworld, but she’s extremely clumsy.

The four become friends and continue with their comedic lives.

Will there be a Gabriel Dropout Season 2?

Will there be a Gabriel Dropout Season 2 anime

Gabriel Dropout is a manga series written and illustrated by the artist Ukami. The manga series first published in 2013 by Dengeki Daioh G magazine. From 2013 there are a total of ten volumes of the manga have been published. 

An anime series started airing in 2017. From January 2017 to March, 12 episodes were aired. 

Let us have a look at the factors that determine the release of another anime season.

The first thing to look for is the-

Availability of the source material

The source material for Gabriel Dropout is the manga series. Till now there are a total of ten issues have been published. The first season only used the first four volumes to make twelve episodes. Some of the episodes are even small snippets of the four girls’ lives.

So there is enough source material to make another season.

The popularity of the Gabriel Dropout season one anime

Gabriel Dropout has a very common plotline, but the approach of the anime is really different. Even though the characters perform the same cliche premise, the dialogues are the same as the concept. The anime has the common theme of comedy. 

But the comedy does not feel forced. It is just everyday occurrences in the life of a normal human being. The life of a lazy video gamer who wants to stay at home and play video games. Is not that all of our dreams? The comedy and the outcome are very relatable. And that is what makes Gabriel Dropout worth watching.

Gabriel Dropout ranks 404 on MyAnimeList, with more than 365,000 members on the popularity rank. The reviews are quite positive.

Gabriel Dropout Season 2 Release Date

gabriel dropout season 2 release date

At the release of season one, the anime was purely an advertisement of the resource material, just like any other anime. And there have not been any official statements released from the producers. 

The first season was released in 2017. There is a hiatus of four years. The anime season has gained popularity with time. 

The producers have not declared about canceling season two either. So with the gained popularity, the producer studio might release a season two anyway. 


Gabriel Dropout is a hilarious anime, and we hope that the producers release season two as soon as possible. I am ready for more shenanigans of Gabriel and Vignet. 

As soon as we get more information, we will let you know. Until then, feel free to rewatch season one. You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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