Would you like to know when will High School DxD anime season 5 release? Read this

A High School DxD fan? New to the fandom? You binge-watched all the four seasons back to back? Or a loyal fan from 2012? You can belong to any group but you’re here because both of you have one common question.

What is the High School DxD season 5 release date?

Don’t worry you are at the right place. In this article, we will let you know if and when the latest High School DxD anime season 5 will be released. So sit tight as we discuss it for you.

Let’s discuss High School DxD plot, theme and characters

High School DxD is a series of Japanese light novel. It is written by Ishibumi Ichiei and the illustration is done by Miyama- Zero.

High School DxD is an insanely famous series in the harem, ecchi and supernatural genre.

The plot revolves around a good for nothing lecherous teenager Hyodo Issei whose dream is to create a harem for himself.

But as he’s not so famous for his perverted nature. Girls tend to avoid him. So when he is suddenly asked on a date by a beautiful girl named Amano Yuma, he’s over the moon.

But woe betide! Dating a stranger sometimes can turn dangerous. In Issei’s case though it turns out to be fatal.

Hyodo Issei is killed by Amano Yuma on the date. After that Yuma reveals her true form as a fallen angel.

However, when we think that our protagonist is gone for good. A beautiful buxom red-headed beauty brings him back to life.

Will There Be An high school dxd season 5

She is Rias Gremory, a devil. Now, Hyodo Issei is bound under her terms and conditions to serve her and her family.

As expected from any harem genre anime, High School DxD displays lots of adult themes, beautiful buxom women running after one single man. It is full of humour and action.

The first issue of the light novel was published in 2008. Since then there have been 25 volumes of light novels published till 2018. So this series has been raging around the world for a decade.

Manga artist Mishima Hiroji started adapting the light novel into manga series in 2010.

Two years later by popular demand, an anime adaptation was released too.
Since then there have been 4 High School DxD anime seasons.

So, will High School DxD Anime season 5 release?

will High School DxD Anime season 5 release

It is pretty normal for an anime series to take a long hiatus after releasing a season. But if the hiatus is too long we loyal fans start worrying.

Are we not getting another season? When is the next season will release?

So, let us do our favourite thing to determine if an anime series will release another season or not- that is Research.

There are a few things we need to consider to get a definite answer.
I start my researches on the most credible sources available. They are-

  • Information regarding the availability of the source material
  • The popularity of the anime series (through sales, profit margins and social media)
  • The popular anime community like MyAnimeList

Information regarding the availability of the source material

Source materials for an anime series are usually a published manga series. Or a light novel series.

In the case of High School DxD anime season 5 Release Date, we will consider the light novel series by Ishibumi Ichiei as the source material.

Source materials are one of the most important things to be noted while deciding on a season of anime.

If the source material is enough and the anime series has not caught up to it, there is more than a fair chance for another anime season.

Sure sometimes anime doesn’t follow the source material like Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Season 2 or do not have any source material manga at all.

But most often than not this is the biggest common factor to determine a new anime season.

From 2008 to 2018 the manga artist Ishibumi Ichiei has published 25 issues of the light novels. And only 10 of them have been used for the four anime seasons till now.

  • Season 1 covers light novel volume 1 and 2 and airs 12 episodes (released in 2012)
  • Season 2 covers volume 3 and 4 and airs 12 episodes (released in 2013)
  • Season 3, which is the least favourite of the fans (I’m among them too), tries to fit three consecutive volumes 5, 6 and 7 into the first eight episodes. Season 3 has a total of 13 episodes. The plotline for the rest of the episodes diverges from the light novels. The franchise added a total original plotline. (released in 2015)
  • Season 4, thankfully came back to the light novel and followed the storyline religiously. Season 4 covers volume 9 and 10 and airs 13 episodes (released in 2018)

So, in conclusion, the franchise has an ample amount of source material to use for not only season 5 but multiple seasons of anime.

The popularity of the anime series (through sales, profit margins and social media)

The next thing to look for is the popularity of the anime. How big the fanbase is and how loyal they are to purchase the items sold.

There are usually two ways to determine that.

  1. sales and profit margin of a franchise
  2. Popularity among the fans circulating in the social media

1. Sales and profit margin through light novels and manga

Most often than not, the largest profit margin comes from light novels and manga sales.

Oricon Inc reports that High School DxD has sold more than 650,000 copies of light novels in only Japan in 2012.

The manga version of High School DxD was so famous that it took over the New York Times bestseller list at the No 2.

And that is HUGE! By 2018, High School DxD light novels have printed around 4million copies. A very good news for the franchise to think about High School DxD season 5 release date.

Sales through DVD

Another factor to keep in mind while checking for the sales and profit margins that anime franchises earn a lot from selling collectable Blue-Ray DVDs.

Season one had seen more than 10,000 copies of disks. But by the next seasons, the sales decreased by a large margin.

Season 2 sold around 9000 DVDs while the infamous third season could not sell more than 6000 copies.

While the lesser sales margin for the more recent seasons is the results due to the messy production of season 3, we need to think that with time our viewing habits have also undergone a huge change.

The entry of the streaming sites has massively impacted the Blue-Ray DVD sales. Also, illegal anime viewing sites have made anime free to watch.

But that brings us to another point. The streaming services. The paid streaming services like Netflix, Funimation and Crunchyroll are where an anime can make huge bucks.

According to the source, Netflix has more than 200 million paid subscribers on Netflix.

This Reddit thread discusses how more than 50 percent of Netflix subscribers watch anime in Japan and 90 percent of anime views come from other countries.

High School DxD has massive popularity outside Japan. In this interview with the High School DxD producer Motonaga Satoshi, Motonaga describes how streaming websites changed anime watching.

Video games

High School DxD also has two video games. The first one was released in 2013 for Nintendo. The second one was for Playstation.

The first game was branded as erotic battle adventure; it was a visual novel that followed with battle adventures.

It was announced back in 2013. The second game was limited to Japan only. But the sales are not very clear for this because most fans did not like the games.

Other than that, anime franchises can earn money through musical platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Apple music with anime OSTs downloads, selling marches like figure-ins etc. High School DxD OSTs are quite famous.

All in all, there is no chance of dwindling this anime’s popularity and we van safely assume that High School DxD season 5 release date is just around the corner.

Popularity among the fans circulating in the social media

High School DxD is an extremely talked-about show from its debut back in 2012.

Every social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few have huge fanbase groups who are talking about their favourite anime all the time.

High School DxD official Twitter account is useless but loyal fans under their only one tweet are still enquiring for High School DxD season 5 release date.

Popularity in MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is one of the official communities of anime lovers and one of the most credible sites to see the popularity of an anime.

At the time of writing this article, High School DxD has a popularity rank of 68 with more than 999,000 members.

Note: Any anime that has ranked in the top 100 in MAL is considered an incredible and must-watch series.

The second season has ranked 144 with more than 667 members while the third season 3 has ranked 193 with around 571,000 members.

Surprisingly, season 4 is ranked lower than season 3, even though season 4 was more popular. The season 4 ranked 452 with only around 300,000 members.

Google Trends

I found very interesting results when I searched up High School DxD season 5 on Google trends. In January 2021 only, the topic has been searched for more than 90% compared to season 4.

So…High School DxD anime season 5 releasing then?

Checking all the popularity, trends and hypes around the world, we can safely say that yes. We have strong chances of getting the season 5 of High School DxD this year.

That’s awesome! But what is the exact High School DxD season 5 release date?

what is the exact High School DxD season 5 release date

Unfortunately, we have no more notice about that from the franchise. There was a rumour of a new season in 2020. But the pandemic ruined the opportunity of the new season.

The work is starting again and we are here to give you information as soon as it’s out.

Just know that, if everything goes right we should be getting a season in mid or late 2021.

What can we expect from High School DxD anime season 5?

Let me give you a little recap. High School DxD season 1 follows the murder of Hyodo Issei with his resurrection by Rias Gremory.

A lot of actions going on between angels, devils and fallen angels. The season deals with the Red Dragon awakening arc of the light novel series.

Season 2 also known as High School DxD New opens with Issei training with Rias and Asia to awaken his dragon arm and ends with the battle of Three Factions and magicians.

Season 3 follows the light novels up to volume 7 and then changing routes to air some original storyline.

Season 4 brings back the light novel flavours and moves to light novel volume 9. In this season Rias confesses her feelings to Issei.

The show ends with a promo for next season (thus making us more certain to get High School DxD season 5 release date soon)

Where can we watch High School DxD anime season 5?

We assume that like it’s previous seasons are already on Netflix and Crunchyroll, the season 5 will also be available to watch.

The Cast and Team Members

This list includes the characters and the Japanese voice casts

  • Hyodo Issei voiced by Kaji Yuki
  • Gremory Rias voiced by Hikasa Yoko
  • Himejima Akeno voiced by Itou Shizuka
  • Toujou Koneko voiced by Taketatsu Ayana
  • Argento Asia voiced by Asakura Izumi
  • Shidou Irina voiced by Uchida Maya
  • Quarta Xenovias voiced by Taneda Risa

Overall we are pretty certain for High School DxD season 5. Now we wait for the trailer drop. We will bring all the latest news to you. Until then, stay tuned.

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