Hot off the Press: THE BOY IN PURPLE!

A new historical novelette by Levi Liberow tells the story of the destruction of the Second Beit Hamikdash from an untold angle.

The Tale of the Destruction of the Second Beit Hamikdash from an Untold Angle Based on Midrashim and Historical Accounts
By Levi Liberow
108 Pages / 4.5″ X 7″ / Paperback / Principles Press / $7.70


Tisha b’Av is rapidly approaching and with it, the combination of the most horrific yet most encouraging events of all times.

We know indeed, that when Moshiach comes, Tisha B’av will not only cease to be a fast, it will become a Yom-Tov!

The reason is, as the Gemara and Midrash teach, that at the same time as the Beis Hamikdash was going up in flames, Moshiach was born.

As we approach the Geulah, we must focus more on the hope than on the mourning.

In this vain, Principles Magazine has just released “The Boy in Purple” – a historical novelette that tells the story of Tisha b’Av from a refreshing and more hopeful perspective.

The book tells the tale of Amos, a lone Jewish farmer in the deserts of Arabia, who, in a bizarre turn of events, learns of the destruction of the second Beit Hamikdash, and at the same time, is entrusted with a secret.

This secret takes him on an adventure spanning continents and countries; meeting sages and savages, mysterious Bedouin horsemen and simple housewives — in search of a young and special child.

During the trip, Amos, together with the other colorful characters, discover and learn through laughter and tears, that the end of an epoch is the beginning of a better one.

The 108-page novelette comes with notes, references and an appendix of the Midrashic source texts translated into English, as well as an overview of the contemporary commentaries on this Midrash.

“The Boy in Purple” is sure to transform your Tisha b’Av experience and makes a great addition to any home or Shul library.

With its unique compact size and appealing design and layout, “The Boy in Purple” is a perfect gift idea for summer camp staff-members.

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Prologue & First Chapter

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