Is there a new season of house of cards?

The house of cards is one of the most popular political dramas. If you are into watching dramas then you must have heard the name of the House of the cards.

Beau Willimon created this very popular political drama. The drama named House of Cards got the attention of the audience.

It is so popular that right now you and many people like you are searching for the details about the 7th season.

House of Cards was based on a novel which was written by Michael Dobbs in the year of 1989.

House of Cards is one of the hot topics to discuss nowadays. House of cards is getting everyone’s attention online all around the world.

This current news about House of Cards is not a piece of positive news. This is bad news which can make you worried too if you’re a fan of House of Cards.

Here in this article, I will let you know all the facts about the new season of house of cards. I will cover all the news related to it so that you can catch up.

House Of Cards Plot

Why will House of cards not have season 7

As I have told you already, house of the cards is a political drama. Which means it is going to be all about politics.

People will be fake to each other, cheating will be a common point, and all other political things.

It has everything you may expect from a political drama like House of the Cards.

The whole series named House of the cards is about a very ambitious Congressman.

The name of this congressman is Frank Underwood. This name Frank Underwood has ambitions to be the next president of the United States of America.

Everything was going great and he was even promised to be the secretary of the state but later on, he was betrayed.

When he observed this bad thing happen to him. Just like any other human being, he wanted revenge but since he is a politician.

He can not just go and kill someone so he decides to take revenge in a political manner.

Frank Underwood did a lot of political wrong things like double-crossing. things go very exciting a lot of times.

All because of sudden twists and realistic political approaches to things.

If you are into politics and political drama then for sure you are going to like the house of the cards.

It has everything which you want to see in a political drama but by the time of the 6th season Frank Underwood died.

Which makes it clear that he could not complete his ambitions.

Later on, his wife completed his dream of being the president of the United States of America.

Even though she became the president but still she has ambitions to find out about how her husband died.

This can have many reasons and one of which is that just like any other good wife she loved her husband a lot.

Now even after the death of Frank Underwood, she thinks that he was murdered.

About House of The Cards season 6

You must have noticed this controversy on the internet well actually. it’s not just any controversy. It is a sexual assault case related to House of the cards.

Kevin Spacey was removed from this show and it did not happen due to any illness or anything like that.

He was fired because of sexual assault allegations against him. These sexual assault allegations were made by the co-working actress who worked in the same show with him.

This thing led the writer to rewrite everything without him.

This is one of the reasons that we see Robin Wright. Robin is playing the role of the new president of the United States of America.

Claire did a great job by appearing in the last season of House of the cards. She destroyed the image of Frank to protect her presidency.

Everything is well and good but the ending of House of Cards was quite unexpected and uncertain. In the end, Claire ended up stabbing Doug stamping.

This incident in the show alone left the people with a lot of questions to ask. So we can expect the story to follow up from any part in the lead of Claire .

House of cards season 7 cast :

House of cards season 7

In this political drama, the main story is revolving around the main character. Just like most political dramas. The main character in House of Cards is Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey is playing the lead role as Frank Underwood. The person who wants to be the next president of the United States of America.

On the other hand, we have his wife named Claire Underwood who by this time became the president as he failed.

The role of Claire Underwood is played by Robin Wright who is Frank Underwood’s wife in the house of the cards.

Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood are the main characters in this show. Still, there are some more things in this political drama than this couple.

These people are :

Zoe Barnes this role is a news reporter. The role of Zoe Barnes is played by Kate Mara.

Douglas this role is also one of the main characters and is played by Michael Kelly.

Will there be another season of House of cards?

Is there a new season of house of cards

As I have told you already. the whole incident which took place and is one of the reasons you are reading this article.

If you will ask me then I would say that there will be no next season of house of cards.

This is not just my personal opinion. The makers of the house of cards have officially announced that there will be no next season after this.

This is really sad news for all the fans of House of cards. People were expecting to have another season.

Everyone wanted to enjoy their boring time at home during this pandemic. You know we all are isolated from the world so only good drama like this can save our life during these days.

Why will House of cards not have season 7?

If you are looking for the reasons why? Then probably you need to update yourself with entertainment news daily.

Anthony Rapp allegedly called the lead actor Kevin for sexual assault is a piece of bad news I accept. You know it.

The thing you don’t know about this news is that Anthony claimed when she was assaulted she was only 14 years old. This is a piece of very horrific news in itself.

These things are so horrible and scary that the main lead character had to step back from the show.

As you all already know that Kavin is the main protagonist in this story. These things are one of the main reasons that making a new season without a main character is hard.

House of Cards Netflix controversy

As I have told you already that there are a lot of rumors related to the show house of the cards.

One more piece of news is being spread that Netflix might remove the house of cards from the platform. As we all know Netflix does Timely exclusion of shows on their platform.

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