One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date [ Latest Details ]

So if you are like me, then it has been about a year since the One Punch Man anime has been on hiatus, and waiting for our favorite show when there is not much to do is hard.

With no official announcement for the One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date being made by the studio or crew, we have all been on edge about when we will see Saitama and our other favorite heroes again.

Even though there is no definite answer on when One Punch Man is coming, you do not have to worry about a sudden cancellation.

This anime is popular enough to keep in production and has a great source material in the manga that has been kept up to date.

For those of you that do not know, One Punch Man is a popular shounen anime about a very inconspicuous looking man with a great, big bald head and very low-budget looking costume.

His looks may not be that intimidating, but do not let them fool you!

Saitama committed himself to a strict daily workout regimen that, even though it is simple, has turned him into an overpowered hero capable of putting his enemies down with only one punch! Get it?

Being this strong has put a cloud over Saitama’s passion for battle not really seeing a point to get serious and he usually occupies himself with mundane things like supermarket sales.

In the first season, an ambitious android named Genos encounters Saitama and sees his overwhelming strength up close and personal.

Deciding to become Saitama’s apprentice, Genos introduces our main hero to the Hero Association where people with strong abilities register to be the safeguards of the innocent.

Saitama and Genos rise through the ranks of the association, and Saitama hopes to find an actual challenge among the murderous monsters of the world.

What Happened in Season 1?

In the first season of the anime, we first meet Saitama just as a regular 25-year-old guy with dreams of fighting someone on his level.

It was only three years before this that Saitama, before his hair fell out, did his best to defeat a powerful monster that was threatening a small child.

Then feeling the passion to fight even more he states that he becomes a hero “For the fun of it”.

Utilizing his daily regimen of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 km run, Saitama has turned himself into a hero with simple moves backed up by ridiculous power and strength.

After witnessing a flawless victory over a mosquito monster woman, Genos, a very high-tech cyborg, sets himself to be Saitama’s disciple.

Although Genos ranks higher than his master in the official hero rankings, it can still be shown that Genos respects Saitama and his strength.

When Genos was a few years younger, his family was killed by a rampaging cyborg leaving the boy’s body completely destroyed.

It was a scientist named Dr. Kuseno that developed Genos into a cyborg with great incendiary destructive abilities.

The first season also introduces us to a lot of the most popular heroes that work in this monster-rich world.

Due to Genos having a perfect score on the hero placement exams, he is placed in the top S rank of heroes while Saitama starts in the C class from not doing well on the mental exam.

Saitama and Genos are given their hero names Caped Baldy and Demon Cyborg respectively. With Monster threats getting stronger with every encounter, many S ranked heroes come into the fray to put them down.

There are champions such as Terrible Tornado the top female hero with great telekinetic abilities, King who is known for being the strongest man on the planet.

But only due to certain circumstances that played in his favor, and the super-strong Tank Top Master who runs a small band of tank top brothers.

Throughout the season we are introduced to many more of the heroes within the association and their powers.

Season 1 comes to an end with Saitama thinking that he has finally found a challenger in Boros, the leader of the latest devastating monster attack.

These string enemies push a lot of our heroes to their brink, but Saitama confronts Boros and is blatantly recognized as the strongest hero Earth has.

Boros claims that he came to the planet due to a prophecy dictating that he will come and fight his ideal opponent.

The fight between the two champions goes on while other heroes evacuate the city and defeat the lower tired monsters that serve under Boros.

Saitama is pushed to use his ultimate move, aptly named Serious Punch when Boros proves himself stronger than any enemy Saitama has faced.

Boros is defeated despite his best efforts, right before dying he admits that he was nowhere near as strong as Saitama.

What Do You Expect From One Punch Man Season 3?

What Do You Expect From One Punch Man Season 3

By the end of the second season, we know now that season 3 will definitely feature more plot dealing with the new sanction group against the heroes, The Monsters Association, controlled by Monster King Orochi.

This large terrorist group of monsters came together with the belief that when standing alone they can fall, but attacking together makes them strong enough to defeat the heroes.

During the season they are seen putting a good amount of heroes in the hospital and even putting some in the grave.

Their strength becomes even more frightening now that they have taken Garou back to their headquarters.

We learn that ever since he was a child, Garou identified with the monsters and villains of the world that were ‘bullied’ by the heroes.

Harboring anger and resentment as he grew older, Garou now calls himself the Hero Killer using his obscenely powerful martial art skills to almost killing some of our favorite heroes like Mumen Rider and Tank Top Tiger.

With all of this, you might be able to see Garou align with the monsters he saw himself in for all these years.

The second season did a good job of developing some of the background heroes that we did not focus on much in the first season.

Several episodes were giving us more details of characters closely connected to either the Monster Association or the antihero Garou like Blast, King and Fubuki.

In the end, Saitama was brought in to defeat a powerful Dragon-class monster Elder Centipede with one Serious Punch.

Saitama and Garou have not had a direct confrontation as of yet, although Saitama did knock him out a couple of times giving Garou amnesia of the encounter.

The Crew and Cast Members One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

There was a big overhaul with the crew between seasons 1 and 2 which created the very long hiatus of the show.

So if things are going harmoniously internally with the staff then we can expect the same crew to have been working on the new season and will give us an actual date soon.

Holding onto this theory, we can also assume that the same studio from the second season, J.C. Staff, will stay on to bring us a new season.

One thing that will not change is the networks to watch the anime on live television, TV Tokyo in Japan, and the Toonami block on Adult Swim in America.

The main crew consists of Director Chikara Sakurai who came on for the second season.

Producers Chinatsu Matsui and Nobuyuki Hosoya have been with the series from the beginning and will probably have recent producer Sota Sato joining them for season 3.

Writer Tomohiro Suzuki and composer Makoto Miyazaki will most likely continue working on the series.

The voice actors that have been working on the show will likely be reprising their roles in the new season!

That means that we will hear Kaito Ishikawa and Zach Aguilar again as Genos, and Makoto Furukawa and Max Mittelman as Saitama depending on if you are a Japanese subbed or English dubbed fan.

Where Can You Watch One Punch Man Season 3?

There are plenty of platforms that have One Punch Man available for you to watch: Of course you can catch up on episodes using the main anime hubs Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Hulu and Netflix also have episodes for you to watch, although Netflix only has the first season available.

If you are finding the wait harder and harder with every week there are some ways you can ease the pain.

Of course reading the manga, wherever available, is the next best way to keep up with the story and stay ahead of those that choose to wait for the animation.

Even a rewatching marathon can make the wait for new content more bearable!

This anime consists of 2 main seasons with 12 episodes each and even some Original Video Animations, or OVAs, which are special episodes usually with side plots, filler, or fan service.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long until we hear something close to a release date for the new season of One Punch Man, but I believe good things are worth waiting for.

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