When are we getting Sky Wizards Academy season 2 release date in 2021? Best Updated Information

The first season of Sly Wizards Academy was released in 2015. Fans worldwide are waiting for the release of Sky Wizards Academy season 2 release date. They are worried and skeptical. Will there be another season of Sky Wizards Academy season 2? Is there any hope? Has the season been cancelled? 

When are we getting Sky Wizards Academy season 2 release date

The plot of Sky Wizards Academy

The world changed when some insects with magical powers invaded the planet earth. Those dangerous insects drove humanity away. Now people live in cities floating in the sky. 

However, there are forces to keep the attacks of the armored bugs at bay. There are wizards who train in prestigious academies to defend their cities against bug attacks.

Age Kanata is a student of a Wizard academy called Mistogun. He was once revered as an elite wizard warrior. But now the mighty has fallen. He’s now a traitor in his own revered academy.

Kanata is appointed to instruct team E601. The team has been defeated many times. There are three girls in E601. Kanata starts fighting the insects with this new team as their instructor and teammate.

So is the sky wizards academy season 2 release date confirmed?

Sky Wizards Academy season 2 release date

Kusen Madoshi Kohosei no Kyokan or, better known as Sky Wizards Academy, is a light novel series. The series is written by Moroboshi Yu, and it is illustrated by the artist Nakajima Yuka.

The light novel started publishing from 2013 to 2017. In the four years, they published fourteen volumes. It was adapted in a manga series by manga artist Shido Arisu in 2014. In 2015, the anime adaptation was premiered.

Since then, Diomedéa, the producers of Sky Wizards Academy, has been tight-lipped with another season’s release. But what is the reason? Does the anime do not have any more resource material left?

Sky Wizards Academy light novel has ended. The last volume was published in 2017. Simultaneously, the ending of the source material can be a pain point for the producers to make another season that is not the case for Sky Wizards Academy franchise.

Season one only adapted the first few light novels into anime. So there are enough source materials left for more than just a season 2.

Then why?…

Season one of Sky Wizard Academy is a fairly criticized anime by the general viewers and also professional critics.

This review in the Crunchyroll forum of Sky Wizard Academy says the anime has “Lots of potentials, very little follow-through.” The reviewer has given the anime a three-star rating. 

The plot revolves around Age Kanata, a top-notch wizard warrior. Once he was revered by many but now fallen as a traitor. He is the instructor of a wizard team full of girls. Sky Wizard Academy characters and the trope are very cliches. 

It is a classic harem genre anime where the main character gets many admirers. But the main character, the center of the attention, is either oblivious or does not have care for it.

The plot is average with many loose ends. One girl is a typical tsundere, another is bubbly cute but dimwit, and the third one is a usual prim and proper Japanese lady. 

Sky Wizard Academy season one has 12 episodes. But the fans grumble that there were too many things going on without anything revealing throughout. The ending was unsatisfactory as that just increased questions viewers had.

Is Sky Wizards Academy worth watching? 

Is Sky Wizards Academy worth watching_

Sky Wizard Academy is not a bad anime. But they messed up a little because they wanted to show a lot in just twelve episodes. Too many plotholes, unnecessary detailing that has not amounted to anything. The ending was also abrupt. But if you enjoy watching harem, then give this a go.

So will there be a Sky Wizard Academy season 2? 

So will there be a Sky Wizard Academy season 2

Diomedea studio has not officially stated any information about season 2. But they have not cancelled it either. Till now, the season only has one season. It aired in 2015. The popularity ranking of Sky Wizard Academy season one is 761 on MyAnimeList with more than 200,000 members.

One Crunchyroll forum the anime season has mostly 3 to 4-star ratings. Although sometimes the anime is viciously criticized, on average, it is a good anime for a binge-watch.


Suppose fans want a season 2 of Sky Wizard Academy. In that case, they have to show Diomedea studio that they wish to the next season.

It can be on the social media, sending emails, or with petitions. Buying the light novels and streaming the anime on platforms are an excellent ways to increase viewership.

Until the producers decide a season 2, you can watch season 1 of Sky Wizard Academy. Season 1 is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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