Will The World is Still Beautiful Season 2 release this year? All of your questions answered. [Updated 2021]

The World is Still Beautiful season 2

The World is Still Beautiful stunned the viewers with an interesting premise of the anime. Sure it is romance and shoujo. It is the King meets the princess or in this case the reverse and falls in love. But the story has a cool element to suck you in right away.

Viewers turn into fans real quick. And now they are intrigued, curious, anxious and worried. When will The World is Still Beautiful season 2 release? Any information regarding that? We have answers to your question.

Plot of The World is Still Beautiful Season 2

The story is set between two kingdoms. The Sun Kingdom and Rain Dukedom. The citizens of Rain Dukedom have the power to call forth rain with their voice. But in the Sun Kingdom, as the name suggests, the kingdom is full of bright sunlight. The Sun Kingdom does not know what rain is.

Livius Orvinus Ifrikia is the new king of the Sun Kingdom. The kingdom has flourished highly under his reign. But the king wants to know about rain more. So when he hears about this dukedom he wishes to marry the princess from the Rain Dukedom.

Nike Remercier is the princess of Rain Dukedom. She has to get married to the stranger king of the Sun Kingdom just to strengthen the political ties. According to the rumours, the Sun King is a tyrant and cruel king. Nike hates the idea of marriage but she has no way to protest. So she leaves for the Sun Kingdom to get married.

To her astonishment, Nike finds out that the Sun King is just a child. And even though he is not a tyrant has his own fair share of tantrums. Livius asks Nike to call up rain for frivolous reasons. But when Nike refuses she is thrown into jail.

This is a story of two royal young people, disliking each other but engaged nonetheless. Will they learn to like each other? And maybe fall in love in future as well?

Will there be a The World is Still Beautiful season 2?

Will The World is Still Beautiful Season 2 release this year

There are a few factors to check while determining a new anime season.

  • Availability of the source material
  • The popularity of the anime on social media platforms

1.Availability of the source material

The creation of a new season is almost always dependent on the availability of the source materials. The source materials are the printed and published sources that can make or break the chance of a new season. The source materials are the light novel or manga series of the anime.

Availability of the source material for The World is Still Beautiful season 2

There are many anime that are totally original but almost always there are some printed light novels and manga series.

For The World is Still Beautiful the source material is the manga.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii or better known as The World is Still Beautiful is a manga series written and illustrated by the artist Shiina Dai. The manga started publishing in Hana to Yume manga by Hakusensha publication in 2012.

In 2014, a twelve episode long anime series was produced by Studio Pierrot.

The manga series has published fourteen manga volumes till 2016. In the twelve episodes, the producers have animated the first four volumes only. The series ended already. But there is ample source material left to create more than one season.

2.Popularity in social media platforms

Regardless of the cliche shoujo plotline, the anime packs punch with emotional appeal. The anime was pretty popular on social platforms when it was released. The reviews on MyAnimeList are quite positive.

“I really feel like this anime just has a way of getting you sucked into the story.”

says one reviewer.

“Despite the show displaying some crass and generic concepts, it is surprisingly light on its feet.”

says another

Despite releasing in 2014, the popularity rank in MyAnimeList is 644 with more than 240,000 members which is a pretty good rank.

Crunchyroll forum is all praises about the anime as well. The beautiful story, emotions, artwork have made the series a fan favourite. It is a good anime, definitely worth watching.

So that means there is a possibility to get The World is Still Beautiful season 2 release date?

The World is Still Beautiful season 2 release date

It is tricky to answer. Studio Pierrot is a heavyweight production house that has produced top quality anime like Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach.

So when an anime is produced by such a reputed franchise you would expect it to have more exposure and more seasons. The series was fairly popular. But Pierrot did not move forward after season one.


There are no official statements from Studio Pierrot. It’s heartbreaking that such a good anime might not continue. But they did not outright cancel it either. So if fans demand there might be another season available.

Watch The World is Still Beautiful on Crunchyroll.

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