Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date

Hey, you all lovely anime fans out there 2020 for sure has been the year of uncertainties and new experiences for us all.

From being confined within the four walls of our houses to binge-watching our favourite animes, 2020 has for sure been a life-changing roller coaster experience for us all.

Well, 2020 has also been notable for many reasons and one of them being the tweet of Yabuta the director of Vinland saga with a hidden message in it for all the saga fans.

What is the expected Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date ?

All this led to an endless wave of happiness among the fans, and their happiness knew no limits after the director himself’s revelations.

To keep in mind the current pandemic restrictions it is speculated that the second part of the series will release somewhat between April and June 2021.

In September 2020 he tweeted a series of 3 drawings of the main Vinland saga characters and captioned it saying “there is a small easter egg” and told everyone to figure out the hidden surprise.

Within no time, fans started decoding his tweet and came up with witty and engaging replies.

Fans were smart enough to decode the hidden message as the bottom of each drawing had Nordic runes wherein each symbol depicted the characters’ English sound, which when spelt said “season two”.

Also, the characters Thorfinn, Askelaad, Canute from season one were shown having a conversation in which Thorfinn said “How long must we wait” to which Askelaad replied, “that’s why I hate kids”.

Canute was seen reverting by saying “it’s soon…. I guess…” The fans’ excitement and joy after that tweet was on cloud 9.

The director subtly teasing the fans added a disclaimer saying “whatever it (the easter egg) is, there are no deep meanings….”

Will There Be Vinland Saga Season 2

What is the Vinland saga anime series all about?

For the unversed, Makoto Yukimura initially drew the Vinland saga in 2005 which was then published as a Manga( a Japanese comic or graphic novel).

After 14 years of it getting published as a Manga, the Vinland saga was released as an anime by Wit studios in the year 2019 which had 24 episodes.

Many claimed it to be one of the best adaptations of manga in recent years.

With the background of season one focusing on the ruthless and cruel Vikings of England who are everywhere at the end of the millennium the series revolves around the time period of the 11th century.

Filled with rage and revenge Thorfinn who is considered to be the son of the strongest warriors whose birth itself took place at a battlefield is all set to avenge his father’s death.

During his journey where he is forced to choose between past and present, the challenges faced by him are carried out quite graciously in the season.

The matter of suspense which remains throughout the season is that will he be successful in taking the revenge for his father’s death from his enemies or destiny has something else in store for him.

The plot of the series is so interesting with various twists and turns that as a viewer, you are intrigued and glued to the screen to witness the story of a true warrior during the times of turmoil.

What to expect from Vinland saga season 2?

What to expect from Vinland saga season 2

With season one being such a hit, the fans expect the same level of charm and thrill from the coming season.

Keeping the viewers’ high expectations in mind, the cast and crew leave no stone unturned to make this one also a massive hit and keep up to the fans’ expectations and desires.

Although there has been no official trailer or teaser regarding the same, fans are busy editing the clips and making various interesting trailers of the same which are available on YouTube.

As the makers have been tightly lipped regarding the same various speculations, have been carried out regarding the storyline with many believing it to catch up from where the season 1 ended.

With Thorfinn tackling all the hustle and emerging as the winner amidst all the battlefield challenges with war being at its prime.

Where can you watch Vinland Saga Season 2?

Where can you watch Vinland Saga Season 2

The first season of Vinland saga streamed on Amazon prime which had 24 episodes with the first one being released on 7th of July and ended on 29th of December 2019.

Within no time, the show started ruling on audiences’ hearts and was also given a rating of 8.9.

This outstanding show’s popularity is such that it also won the award of 6th famous anime of the year.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the show got a bit delayed, and we do not have quite much information regarding the same.

Still, all this has only increased and hyped the audience’s interests for season 2, with Thorfinn leaving behind his old bad habits and living each day to fulfil his revenge which now has become his dream.

The viewers are dying to watch him on the victorious side and avenging the death of his father.

The second season is also expected to release on the same platforms as that of the first ones that are Amazon prime, Funimation and NHK general TV.

While there still is speculation among the viewers regarding the story of season 2 but to their amusement, the whole team of the Vinland saga series confirmed that the characters will remain the same as that of the season 1 and will not be changed.

As they are well aware of the emotions of the viewers being connected with the characters, and they also believe that the story will not be as enjoyable as it will keep the characters unaltered.

The fans for sure will witness even more action, drama and thrill in the upcoming season with back to back fights and battles.

They are eagerly waiting to see the magic of the series on their screens as soon as possible.

Cast and crew of the Vinland Saga Season 2 Anime

If the rumours are to be believed, there are quite a lot chances of :

  • Naoya Uchida returning as Askeladd
  • Atsushi Ono as Floki
  • Jin Urayama as Ragnar
  • Shizuka Ishigami as Thorfinn
  • Akio Otsuka as Thorkell
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Bjorn and
  • Satoshi Hino as Willibald.

The duty of adding special effects is that of the studio MAD box, and Takahiro Airu will be designing the characters.

The scriptwriters of the series are believed to be Hirosheiseko and Saga Tanya.

When is the Vinland Saga Season 2 series expected to release?

When is the Vinland Saga Season 2 series expected to release

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected each of our lives in one way or the other; the same is the case with our special Vinland saga.

Had it not been for this pandemic who knows we would have been all watching our favourite series at this point with our favourite drinks and popcorns.

While in October 2020 in one of the interviews Yabuta, the director of Vinland said that he has his directing title and cannot solely focus on AoT.

Those who are not aware of this AoT are the abbreviation of Attack on Titan which the 3D director also directs.

Fans of the hit series Vinland saga speculate that this may be an indirect hint of the director regarding season 2.

Later during the same month during a chat show, the staff had a chat regarding the Vinland saga prediction.

As in a lot of the chat show was in Japanese, keeping in mind the international fans Yabuta directory discussed regarding the series in English.

The director addresses the audience by saying that he believes that there are many people out there who are keen on knowing about the future involvement of his team in the season 2.

And that he cannot talk about it officially yet as in is not authorized yet to speak openly regarding the same.

There were a specific set of problems they had to face this year and the team required a particular set of time to resolve them all single-handedly.

He further stated that they all are still working on resolving them and are doing their best which can be done to continue the series further.

Finally concluding the same, he said that all this might take a bit of time, even more than the fans expected.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date

But once they are all done with these issues, they will indeed announce everything officially and last but not the least he thanked each and every fan for loving season 1 endlessly and waiting patiently for the second one.

The director was also quoted saying on Twitter that he thinks that a large part of the stories will be regarding season 1, but they desire to touch and include as many new ones as possible for them.

He further addressed the fans by asking them to be a bit more patient due to the ongoing pandemic as things got a bit delayed because of that.

To this tweet within no time fans flooded the director with many questions to which he replied that his messages might not seem satisfactory to the fans, but that’s the very best he can provide during these times.

He further stated that he appreciates the fans’ love and concern and that they believe that the second part will be made and the series will be continued and the team will keep on working on it and providing great content to the viewers.


Further rumours are doing rounds saying that it may even get delayed by one more year due to the COVID 19.

Well, what all happens is undoubtedly a matter of time, and we all hope that Vinland saga season 2 releases as soon as possible and can live up to the expectations of the fans who are waiting for the release of a new season for quite a long time now.

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