Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release Date

Yona of the dawn is one of the most astonishing seasons and innovating for anime lovers.

We all know the craze of anime lovers and how they prefer anime videos or textual stories to make their day cheerful.

We feel like we are in the world of anime where every character and situations are relatable.

If you are wondering about the recent update of this written series then you are at the right place.

Here, you will get to know everything relates to the series ‘Yona Of The Dawn’ Season 2.

There is a huge popularity of anime videos as anime has taken lead into the heart of anime lovers.

Anime fans wait for their favorites videos and books and that is the case with ‘Yona of the dawn’.

The character of Yona Of The Dawn season 2 Release Date is brighter and more cheerful which allows you to uplift your mood. Season 1 of Yona of the dawn was successful and was incredibly amazing.

Yona of the Dawn Season 2:

According to the sources it was revealed that Yona of the dawn season is coming soon.

We all know that we are waiting for the next season to know the further story.

For the last five years, anime lovers have been desperately asking only one thing, “when will the next season of Yona of the Dawn be renewed”.

But that time, there was no answer. Now the wait of the fans is going to end as there is news about the release of the next of Yona of the Dawn.

Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release Date

Fortunately, the released news of Yona of the dawn has brought hope and cheerful moments for the fans and it is the most suitable time to watch the next season as well.

According to recent resources, it was revealed that the next season of the Yona of the dawn series is back on track again which has brightened the future of the anime adaption.

This series has a huge fan base and so this news is highly motivated.

There are lots of questions in the mind of the fans of this series. What will be the next part of the season? What will be the twist in this series? How will this story end? What characters will be there? There are plenty of questions that might be wandering in their minds.

Release date of The ‘Yona of the Dawn Season 2’:

will there be a season 2 of yona of the dawn

Now the wait has come to an end. I know how we are excited to know the release of the next season of this popular series.

This series began serialization back in 2009 and has been in the run ever since.

This series has a huge and insane fan base who are always willing to get more and more.

Yona of the dawn series has received lots of love and support from the readers with the terrific reviews.

Fans of the Yona of the Dawn anime written series have been waiting for almost half a decade now.

Yes, the artist of Studio Pierrot or any other paparazzi has not revealed anything related to its release date.

There is some sad memory which has become the reason for the postponement of this series.

Mainly due to an accident, the author was injured and so she took a while to recover after the heartbreaking incident.

This incident has led to the delay of the release date.

On her Twitter account, she also mentioned her reasons and informed that the incident would become a major setback to the continuation of her work and can affect the release date of their series.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the series to see the next plot and neck twist of this story.

But according to recent resources, it was suggested that the renewal of the written series ‘Yona of the dawn’ season 2 can arrive anytime now.

You don’t have to wait any longer to proceed with the reading of this twisted and impressive series.

Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release Date:

As for now, the official renewal of this written series is yet to arrive and fans can expect season 2 in the year 2021.

Though the exact date has not been revealed yet you can expect this year very soon.

It is suspected that the green flags will come in 2021 and the release date of this series might fall around early or mid-2022.

What is the yona of the dawn Anime series all about?

Yona of the Dawn is a well-appreciated manga written series and illustrated by the talented artist Mizuho Kusanagi.

He began to write this anime story and launched it in August 2009.

The popularity of this series has taken lead in the field of success and many readers have adapted anime.

What do you expect from the ‘Yona of the dawn ‘season 2?

is there going to be a season two of yona of the dawn

We all know how you are desperate to know about the plot of the upcoming season. But it is quite sad to say that there is no upcoming revelation of the plot of this story.

The future of the upcoming season of this series is secure. Yona of the dawn series is a fantasy romance anime that was directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda.

Short Storyline of the ‘Yona Of The Dawn Season 2’:

Yona of the dawn season 2 is all set to come and to provide the best story content for the readers and anime lovers.

The season 2 series will be also a fictional kingdom story in which the lead actress of the anime will be princess Yona.

At the beginning of the story of the series ‘Yona of the dawn season 1’, Yona was an optimistic and very fun-loving girl. But on her 16th Birthday, Yona’s life got changed completely.

On the day of her sixteenth birthday, one of her childhood and her true love Su-won arrives to pay homage to her.

From there the storyline began and took lots of twists with fun, love, misfortune, and many others as well.

This series is a full package and the viewers or reader will get fascinated by the storyline of the upcoming season.

She was so excited when she got to see her childhood friend. But the main twist in this series is that Su-won reveals his true colors during the time of night.

He organizes a coup and kills the father of Yona to take over the throne.

Anyhow, Yona escapes from that place with her bodyguard and this is the main plot of this anime series. You can wait for the release of this series to get the full storyline.

But for now, there is not much spoiler of this series. Yona just escapes to the Capital of Fuuga which is the village of Wind Clan.

After a while, Yona meets with Ik-Soo who is the oracle who tells Yona about the myth of the four dragons which is involved in the creation of Kouka and also gives instructions to figure out the descendants of the four dragons.

After that when she was on her way then she got to meet the first dragon whose name was Kijaamd and he immediately recognized her as the descendant of king Hiryuu.

For a moment, he revealed that he was destined to protect her from any worst circumstances, and to save her from any situations, he had got the power of super-strength. The power of super strength is only used for the protection of Yona.

In season one of this series, she meets the blue dragon warrior who has the supernatural power to paralyze whoever looks at his eyes.

Yona gave him the name of Shin-Ah. After that, she got to meet the green dragon warrior who could jump higher and she named Jae Ha. Finally, she meets with the yellow dragon warrior whose name was Zeno because he had not got any supernatural powers.

What is the expected story-line of the yona of the dawn season 2?

What is the expected story-line of the yona of the dawn season 2

Now you can easily expect the storyline of season 2. We can expect Yona to return to her kingdom with all-powerful dragon warriors to take her revenge. You can also expect the ability of some extremely interesting climax of the story.

You can expect a special kind of power from Zeno which might show an interesting climax of the story to save her kingdom.

For now, we can only expect these storylines but it might be even more surprising than our expectations.

We all know the story and climax of the season have taken turns and ups and down. In the same way, season 2 might have some incredible and amazing twists and plot of this series. We can only wait for the release date of the fabulous series.

The Official Announcement related to ‘Yona Of The Dawn Season 2’

Though no official news of the new season has been revealed, fans are suggested to expect the upcoming season of this series to come out with multiple twists and interesting storylines.

This story can take multiple arcs and plot which is left to be completed.

Even though the release date of the new upcoming season has not been announced officially but we can keep our high hopes for the announcement of the date very soon. 

Yona of the Dawn Season 2: The Cast and Team Members

Most of the cast members of this new season should’ve been back. As there was no death of any cast members so we can expect every cast in season 2 as well.

You can expect Chiwa Saito as Yona, Tomoaki Maeno as Hak, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Shin-Ah who is the Blue Dragon Warrior for Yona, Masakazu Morita as Kija who will represent as the White Dragon Warrior, Junichi Suwabe as Jae-Ha who is the Green Dragon Warrior, Hiro Shimono can get back as Zeno.

Last but not the least, do not forget the cast member Yuusuke Kobayashi who is presenting the role of Su-won.

The Trailer:

We still have not got any trailer for the upcoming season but fans can expect the trailer and teaser soon in the year 2021 or at the beginning of 2022. For now, you can enjoy the previous trailer of the series.

Where can you watch yona of the dawn season 2?

You can easily watch online on Netflix. Netflix will update the latest season after release.

There are several other platforms where you can download and watch the ‘Yona of the dawn’ series.

The series of seasons has come in episode wise. You can find all the episodes of season 1 on NetFlix. You can also prefer some other sites to watch the upcoming series.

Will There be yona of the dawn season 2?

Yes. There are high chances of getting Yona of the dawn season 2. Though there is no official announcement, you can expect the release of the upcoming season in the year 2021 or 2022.

As the previous storyline was left incomplete then you can expect the next season to proceed with the further storyline.

Yona of the dawn series is a great anime with the best climax story which is mainly focused on vengeance and betrayal. So why should you not expect season 2 to proceed with the further story?

Without season 2 we will never get to know if Su won will get defeated or Yona will leave him.

If Yona will be able to take revenge or not. There are enormous mysteries of this series that are not completed yet


Yona of the dawn is the most popular anime and most of the people in its first season.

If we talk about the season first, then it was highly impressive and incredible with a beautiful story.

Mainly anime stories are the best way to be happy in the lives of people in every situation.

Anime impacts positively in a way traditional films could never on you.

Yona of the dawn season 1 has also left a positive impact on the heart of anime fans and has created its unique vibe.

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